Coaching is different from consulting. In consulting, the consultant functions as the expert who evaluates a business and provides recommendations to the owner or manager. Typically, the consultant is not involved in the implementation process and steps away from the business once he has completed his engagement.

In contrast, a business coach functions as a non-equity, strategic partner who deeply engages in the business, understands the various challenges and helps develop strategies to address “pain points” and bring solutions.




Analyze the current challenges to gain clarity.



Strategize to determine specific goals and objectives.



Plan by developing a “dot-to-dot” series of steps.



Implement through developing weekly actions items.



Measure results to ensure progress is truly occurring.



Unlike the consultant, a coach assists in developing weekly action steps and provides accountability to ensure that implementation actually occurs. A coach provides an empathetic ear and an engaged-mind to help owners or managers navigate the challenges of developing a business.

I take great delight in deeply investing my heart and soul in the lives and businesses of my clients. I want to do everything I can to help them develop thriving, vibrant businesses that bring both financial abundance and a comfortable lifestyle to their lives and families.

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